Choosing the right Italian translation service is important because each service has different features and will more often than not provide different translations. For example, if you were trying to translate “I am very hungry” you could end up with the translation “sono molto affamato” or “ho molto fame”. These two translations came from two different services and it is difficult to determine which one is correct if you are not familiar with the Italian language.

The instant translators that you can often find online are free and instant, but usually do not provide accurate or reliable results. Free online translators are mostly automated and will misunderstand what you are trying to say. They also improperly create sentences and conjugate verbs. To add to the difficulty of trying to find a proper translation is the many dialects of the Italian language that exist. Depending on who you speak with the translation will not be the same and depends on which part of Italy that person is familiar with.

In order to get the most accurate translation it is suggested that you use a service that provides a live translation. This means that an actual person will receive your request and translate accordingly. If you know what kind of dialect you would like to translate to this is your best bet because most services offer translators that are experts in many different types of dialects. Often for these services you need to pay per translation or sometimes you can pay per month if you plan on translating a lot. Depending on what you need translated you can also find services that specialize in translating documents or live conversation. Even though live translations are not free you can rest assured that someone who is fluent in the language was the translator.

The bottom line is: if you are looking for a quick and easy translation use the free online services, but be aware that you may not get the most accurate translation. If you need a precise translation then go with the more reliable and accurate live translation services. You could also consider learning this fantastic language with the help of the Best Interactive Audio Course for Learning Italian – ‘Rocket Italian’.

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The main thing with when looking for a method of language translation is to look at what you have that needs translating. Do you have an email, or a long document that needs to be translated? You also have to determine if this is a document that needs professional care. If it does, than a professional translator must be brought in.

My first suggestion is to pay a qualified professional to do your translation. A search on the Internet for “Italian translator” should bring back an abundance of results that will put you in the right direction. Although your computer is capable of translating most documents, the human professional uses the language daily and is aware of the slang and the grammatical correctness of speech. Therefore at times the use of a professional would be better utilized than using the computer.

If you are going to use a professional translator then you should check the accreditation, and the professional agency that the translator is affiliated with. For those individuals that just need a small letter or an email translated the use of the online software should be perfectly acceptable.

Another option is a public library. A library is likely to have some information on Italian translation. The bigger the library, the more services they will offer. They will not only carry books but audiotapes and cd’s will be available as well. Using the library is always free and there are plenty of employees to ask for help. Even if the items you need are not at that library, sometimes they can be sent in from another library for you to use. If the items you need are currently checked out, you can sign up to receive notification when they are returned and they can be held for you.

Last but not least why not consider using a college. There are many colleges that offer Italian language courses. Check out at any private, public, or community college for the courses they to offer. Some online colleges may also offer the same courses, but you can study them from home. This is more of a way to learn a language, not only to translate but also to communicate. Some of the professors may also be able to give some new ideas on where to find more tools and services for translating Italian.

Always remember there are some free Internet sites that offer translation and others that may charge a small fee. There are many language translation tools that you can purchase as well as using the Internet search engine translation tools. Consider also some of the software packages that can be downloaded free from the Internet.

The best thing to do is to try out several of them and have them translate the same document and see if there are major differences or if the document translation is similar. That way you can narrow down the sources available and use the one that will work best for your particular document.

Do a little research and you can find the right translation tool for Italian, Spanish, and other languages.

Other sources for learning Italian:

  • Consider learning this fantastic language with the help of the Best Interactive Audio Course for Learning Italian – ‘Rocket Italian’.
  • BYKI™ software is another online tool to learn Italian language more effectively, this software also used to learn other languages like German and Spanish etc.
  • Lingo Basics is a series of e-books that help to learn the Italian language. It will educate in the aspects of pronunciation, basic phrases, time, weather, food, colors, directions, numbers, pronouns and verbs and etc.
  • Italian for You, ILUSS, ‘Oggi e Domani’ (the interactive course that makes Italian easy to learn), Cyber Italian, BBC Languages – Learn Italian. These online courses help you to learn the Italian language.

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    Viaggiare partire viaggiare non fermarsi mai chilometri che sotto il culo passano e allontanano i guai viaggiare, vedere tutti gli angoli della terra rincorrere le estati farsi rincorrere dalla guerra che hai nel cuore correre piu’ veloce del dolore

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    What do you think of us English Italian?

    Please ( If you can) answer both English and Italian
    I don’t speak well your language

    Many thanks to those who will respond
    How are us Italians for you ?

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    When born his dad signed him up for national service in Italy he has never been called upon nor has he ever done this service, does this mean if he goes to Italy he will be called upon to do his service or can we get married in Italy with no repercussions?He has lived in this country since birth.

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    II’m having trouble translating ‘Forever Family’ in the right way. I’ve seen:

    Sempre Famiglia
    per sempre famiglia

    I don’t know which is correct! It needs to be short, 2 words, or 3 with one short word (per).

    Anything that has to do with family being important!!

    P.S. please only translate if you are a native italian speaker!!! this is going to be a tattoo, so it needs to be correct! thanks again!

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    caduta del nostro cuore i need to know what that means in english please!

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      I have already checked the online translation pages but they all say different things. Is anyone a native Italian speaker that could translate that phrase for me please?

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      Hi if someone could help me out i would GREATLY appreciate it. i have this song in Italian but i can’t find the English translation if someone can find it for me or just translate it for me i would REALLY REALLY REALLY appreciate it thank you sooo much :)

      Sai che
      ..è difficile non averti e…
      dover sorridere alla gente che
      non sa della mia vita intima
      si aspettan che li faccia ridere…
      mentre tu vai via!
      .. e… vado via per difendermi
      ma ovunque andrò so che io ti penserò
      sperando che per te sia identico.
      Ascoltami le gioie non sempre son gratuite
      a vote i mondi si contendono gli spazi vuoti
      di un deserto che
      non si vede ma senti che in fondo c’è e non è semplice.
      E vado via per difendermi
      ma ovunque andrò so che io ti penserò
      sperando che per te sia identico.
      Ma cosa fai?! Non esiste che così da un giorno all’altro mi dici che
      ritorni indietro e forse ritornerai da me.
      Ovunque andrò.
      Ovunque andrò.
      E vado via per difendermi
      ma ovunque andrò so che io ti penserò
      sperando che per te sia identico.
      Ma cosafai?! Non esiste che così da un giorno all’aitro mi dici che
      ritorni indietro e forse ritornerai da me.
      Ovunque andrò.
      Ovunque andrò.
      Ovunque andrò

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